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Matching, Word Search for Periodic Table Unit

You will need to use your periodic table for this challenging activity that tests your knowledge on properties and the periodic table

physical changeIce melting and freezing
chemical changerust forming on iron
salad dressing separating over timephysical change
A Magnesium strip ignites when exposed to heat and oxygenchemical property
CalciumReactive metal
unreative metalZinc
HalogensGroup 17 (7A), unreactive nonmetals
Group 18 (8A)Noble Gases
Horizontal rowperiod
Groupveritcal column
Alkali metalsGroup 1, very reactive metals
Shares properties with both metals and nonmetalsmetalloids
The number of valence electrons in an atom of Se6
2The number of valence electrons in an atom of Ga
The number of protons in an atom of Boron5

7th Grade Science Teacher

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