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American Revolution

Review for the American Revolution test

DutyTax on imports
boycottrefuse to buy something as a form of protest
admiralty courtwhere yo go if caught smuggling-Sugar Act
Direct TaxStamp Act is an example
absolutismruled by a single person
franchiseright to vote
free enterprisecapitalism
mercantilismcolonies exist for the good of the mother country
Tea Acthelp for British East India Company
Townshend Actsindirect tax
First Continental Congressagreed to form a militia
Loyalistscolonists who wanted to remain loyal to England
minutemenfought at Lexington and Concord
EnlightenmentAge of Reason
rattlesnakeused to represent the colonies
hobbesman must be protected from his own evilness
The Social ContractRousseau
Lockenatural rights
Montesquieuseparation og powers
Declaration of IndependenceThomas Jefferson
Common SenseThomas Paine
French and Indian WarBritain and colonists won
Francehelped colonists win te Revolution
Cornwallisgeneral who surrendered at Yorktown
Lexington and ConcordFirst battle of the Revolution
equality,liberty,propertykey principles of the Declaration
George Washingtonleader of the Continental Army
Treaty of Alliancenegotiated by B Franklin after Saratoga
Treaty of Parisended the Revolutionary War
Proclamation of 1763no settlement west of Appalachians
EnlightenmentAge of Reason
Boston Massacrean example of propaganda

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