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Atoms and Elements

Atom and Element test review

subatomic particleproton, neutron, electron
protonsubatomic particle that has a positive charge and is found in the nucleus of an atom
atomic massaverage of the masses of the existing isotopes of an element
neutronsubatomic particle with no electric charge that is found in the nucleus of an atom
atomic numbernumber of protons in the nucleus of an atom
isotopeatom of an element that has the same number of protons as another atom of the same element but a different number of neutrons
mass numbersum of the protons and neutrons in the nucleus of as atom
electronnegatively charged subatomic particle found in an area outside the nucleus of an atom
electron cloudspace in which electrons are likely to be found
energy levelmost likely location in an electron cloud in which an electron can be found
periodhorizontal row of elements in the peroidic table
metalelement that is a good conductor of electricity, is shiny, has a high melting point, is ductile and malleable, and tends to lose electrons
ductileable to be drawn in a thin wire
malleableable to be hammered out into a thin sheet
corrosiongradual wearing away of a metal due to a chemical reaction in which the metal element is changed into a metallic compound
nonmetalelement that is a poor conductor of heat and electricity, has a dull surface, low melting point, is brittle, breaks easily, and tends to gain electrons
metalloidelement that has properties of both metals and nonmetals

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