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Technology Definitions - Grade 4 Terms

Match the technology words with their definition.

DatabaseA collection of information stored in a file
FormatTo prepare a disk to be used with your particular operating system
Hard copyWhat the information produced by a computer is called when it is printed on paper
Uniform Resource LocatorAn Internet address of a resource, such as a webpage
Output deviceSends information, such as printouts, graphics, and displays on a monitor screen, to the user
Soft copyWhat the information produced by a computer is called when it is displayed on the screen
SpreadsheetA mathematical table which shows figures in horizontal rows and vertical columns
World Wide WebA huge collection of information divided up into web pages that uses graphics and hypertext on the Internet
WebsiteA collection of Web pages created by a person or an organization
MinimizeUsing a button to shrink a window so that it looks like a button on the taskbar
Digital cameraA device that converts light into data and can be plugged into a computer to view the image
Input deviceCarries all kinds of information into computers; ex. keyboard & mouse
LaserdiscStores textual and multimedia information, is usually 12" wide, and is read-only
Search engineA type of program that searches for information on the Internet
Presentation deviceA device used when a group of people are going to be viewing the monitor's display
TelecommunicationsSending text, graphics, or sound by a computer, usually through telephone lines
BrowserA program used to find and display Web pages and other documents stored on the Internet
E-mailA method of sending messages between computers in a network
InternetA world wide computer network that links together millions of smaller computer networks
MaximizeWhen you use a button to enlarge a window to fill up the whole screen
LCD panelDevice attached to an overhead projector & a computer;enlarges display on computer's screen & projects it onto a large screen
LCD projectorLiquid crystal display screen built into projector;connects to computer;enlarges display & projects onto large screen
RAMTemporary storage memory chips;contents are lost if power is disrupted;can be read & written to many times
Laserdisc playerReads the information on a laserdisc & shows it on a monitor;information is searchable in any order
ROMMemory chips;maintain contents if power is lost;contents entered at time they are made;can be written to only once

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