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Age Discrimination Act in Employmentprohibits discrimination against applicants and employees 40 years of age or older in hiring, promotion, termination and other employment practices
Americans with Disability Actis a federal law that prohibits discriminiation based on an individual's disability if the disabled person is able to perform the essential functions of the job.
Fair Labor Standards Actis a federal law that sets the minimum wage, overtime pay and age requirements for certain types of employees
Family and Medical Leave Actprovides eligible employees with unpaid, job-protected leave for certain family or medical conditions
NC Youth Employment Provisions of the Wage and Hour Act for Nonagricultural Occupationsis a state law that sets the labor standards and guidelines for youth 17 years old and younger
Occupational Safety and Health Actis a federal law that establishes and promotes workplace safety standards for businesses
Right to Work Lawis a state law that prohibits employees from requiring employees to join a uniono or pay union dues as a condition of employment
Worker's Compensationis a government-regulated program that provides medical benefits and income to employees who are injured or acquire a disease as a result of their job
Unionis a type of organization comprised of employees. The organization is formed to ensure favorable work conditions, wages, work hours, benefits, and grievance procedures
Union Shopis a type of union arrangement in which non-union applicants can be hired, but must join the union within a certain amount of time
Social Security Actwas created to provide financial assistance to eligible workers and their dependents in the form of retirement, disability and death benefits
Open shopis a type of union arrangement in which employees are neither required to join the union nor pay union dues
Agency shopis a type of union arrangement in which employees are not required to join the union; however, they are required to pay union dues
Closed shopis a type of union arrangement in which applicants must join the union before being hired by a company

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