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The Structure of the Earth

Geologythe study of the earth's physical study and history
coreearth's center consisting of very hot metal that is dense and solid in the inner core in molten and liquid in the outer core
mantlea thick layer of mostly solid rock beneath the earth's crust that surrounds the earth's core.
magmamolten or liquid rock in the earth's mantle
crustthe solid, rocky , surface layer of the earth.(outer layer)
continentsany of the seven large landmasses of the earth's surface.
reliefdifferences in elevation or height of landforms in any particular area
plateaua raised area of mostly level land with at least one side rises steeply above the surrounding land.
plaina flat or gently rolling area with few changes in elevation.
lavamagma or molten rock from the earth's mantle that breaks through the surface of the earth during volcanic activity.
faulta fracture or break in the earth's crust.
plate tectonicsthe theory that the earth's outer shell is composed of a number of large unachored plates
continental drift theorythe idea that continents slowly shift their postition due to the movement of the tectonic plates on which they ride
fossilspreserved remains or imprint of animal or plant from a previous geological period
rift valleya large split along the crest of a under water mountain system where smalll earthquakes and volcanic eruptions frequently occur.
convectiona circula movement caused when material is heated expands and rises then cools and falls
subduction zonean area where two tectonic plates meet and one plate sinks up under the other

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