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daisn : a raised platform, as in a lecture hall or room,generally for speakers
deferto put off; to delay introducing (a person) into military service. "The man decided it would be better to defer his purchace of a car until after he graduated from college."
tenuousadj : having little substance; thin, flimsy. " Your arguments are tenuous, and you will not convince anybody."
hommagen : a specific kind of homage or special honor paid to a writer, artist, or composer by incorporating some of that person's characteristic style in one's own work. "I will pay hommage to Alfred Hitchcock by including a clip of myself in all of my films."
euphorian :a feeling of well-being or elation. "The whole college was swept up in the euphoria of winning the national basketball title, and dozens of spontaneous celebrations erupted across the campus and spilled out into the town."
moietyn : a half or more or less equal portion of something. "There is a moiety of desperation in his search for a job."
temporizev : to evade an action or give temporary compliance to so as to gain time. "The General temporized and lost the war."
tincturen : a tiny bit of something. "Her stern demeanor showed for a moment a slight tincture of amusement."
vitiatev: to damage the quality of; to debase in moral or aesthetic status; to make ineffective. "The new factory quickly vitiated the nearby river."


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