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plate tectonics

concentration - matching definition with term

plate tectonicstheory that earth's surface is broken into plates
continentlarge piece of land
continental driftwhen continents move over earth's surface
lithosphererigid outer shell of earth's crust
asthenospherethin region in upper mantle
pangaeasuper continent that broke up
trenchdeepest region on ocean floor
ridgelonmg, narrow chain of hills and mountains
rift valleydeep valley
convection currentcircular movement of heat through liquid & gases
strike slip faultsmovement of blocks along a horizontal line
neutral boundaryboundary where two plates slide past each other
convergent boundarytwo plates move towards each other
divergent boundaryboundary where two plates move away from each other
boundaryseparation between 2 crustal plates
alfred wegenergeologist first to see broad line
harry hessgeologist who proposed this concept after exploring thickness of ocean floor
ring of firemade by volcanoes around pacific ocean
san andreas faultmost famous fault

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