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Vocab Unit 5

remissnegligent, lax, slack
clemencyleniency, forebearance, gentleness
diffidenttimid, bashful; unassertive, withdrawn
virulentvenonmous, noxious, baneful; hateful
truculentbrutal, savage, belligerent, vitriolic
unfeignedgenuine, heartfelt
indomitableunbeatable, invinsible, unyielding
chivalrousgalant, civil; valiant
temerityrecklessness, foolhardiness; effrontery
discrepancya disagreement, divergence, inconsistency
embarkto commence, launch, begin; to board
pungentsharp, spicy; piquant; caustic; racy
facileeffortless, fluent; assured; specious
infallibleunerring; certain
assentto concur, atree, consent, accede
dearthan insuffciency, want, paucity
plodto lumber, trudge
reposesleep; tranquility; a respite
benefactora patron, humanitarian

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