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glisteningadj. shining, sparkling glisten v.
obsessv. to fill the mind of
plushadj. luxorious
proingadj. reading of studying carefully, pore v.
bewilderedadj. puzzled, confused v. bewilder
excavatedadj. dug-up, v. excavate
displacedadj. moved from the usual position, v. displace
skewingadj. distorting, skew v.
subterraneanadj. lying beneath the earth's surface
grovelv. to lie of crawl facedown
bleakadj. harsh and dreary
invalidn. a sickly of disabled person
passiveadj. inactive, lacking in energy of willpower
confoundv. to bewilder confuse
sanctionv. tp gove approval for
harriedadj. worried distressed, v. harry
essencen. basic nature of spirit
wilyadj. crafty, sly
sanctuaryn. shelter; protection
intricateadj. elaborately detailed

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