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i want a good grade

algeaplant-like,one celled or many celled and can make own food
ciliashort thread like stuters exanding form cell membrain
sporanigacasse of reproductive cells in Zygaote fungi
Diatomsthe shells contain silica, one half of the shell fits inside the other
eulgenaare protist that have chorlatplast simaliar to plants
slim moldcome in many differnet colors, line on dead decing mosit cool shady woods
spirongniaachain like fresh water aldae, has spiral shaped chlorplast
volvaxa fresh water form of green aldea that occers in a ball shaped form
sac fungiEX: yeast, mold, morles, & truffles the sac like stureue is called asuces
club fungispores are produseed in a aclub shaped stureter. EX; mushrooms
budddingform of reorductions used by yeast in which snorgaism grows of the side of a parent
sporereprodutive cell of fungi
ascussacs of reprodutive cells in yeasr and other sac fungi
psedopodsfootlike cytoplasimic extenshion
protaztoaanimal like protist . one celled. many are parisites(false feet)
dinofaldelltiesred and 1 celled
imprefect fungiphylum deuteromytocatoa are species where a sexula stage has never been oberseved EX: pennicaillen
hyphaethread like tubes composing the bdy of fungi
protistkingdom of eue. prgaisms that are plant like animal like and fungus like they can be many celled or one celled
lichenorganisums made of funi and green algae or cyanobactieria


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