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Vocabulary Units OneThrough Six

Andote(n.) a short account of an incident in someone's life
Consolidate(v.) to combine; unite; to make solid or firm
Counterfeit(n.) an imitation designed to deceive
Counterfiet(v.) to make an illegal copy
Docile(adj.) obdient
Dominate(v.) control
Counterfeit(adj.) fake
Entreat(v.) to beg
Fallible(adj.) able to be wrong
Fickle(adj.) liable to change very rabidly
Fugitive(adj.) lasting a very short time
Fugitive(n.) one who runs away
Grimy(adj.) very dirty
Iota(n.) a very small part
Maul(v.) to handle roughly
Potential(adj.) possible
Potential(n.) something that can develope
Radiant(adj.) giving forth light or energy
Rural(adj.) relating to farm areas
Alliance(n.) a joing together for some common purpose
Bewilder(v.) to puzzle completly; confuse
Buffoon(n.) a clown; a coarse, stupid person
Controversial(adj.) arousing argument, dispute, or disagreement
Dishearten(v.) to discourage
Fruitless(adj.) not producing the desired results; unsuccessful
Hositle(adj.) unfriendly; unfavorable; warlike; aggressive
Inflammable(adj.) easily set on fire; easily angered or aroused
Inflict(v.) to give or cause something unpleasant; impose
Malignant(adj.) deadly; extremely harmful; evil; spiteful
Mortify(v.) to hurt someone's feelings deeply
Orthodox(adj.) in agreement
Procure(adj.) to bring about
Scurry(v.) to run quickly; scamper; hurry
Sodden(adj.) dull
Spirited(adj.) full of life
Virtual(adj.) so close as to be equivalent to the real thing
Void(adj.) completly empty
Void(n.) empty space
Void(v.) to cancel
Wayward(adj.) disobedient; willful
Wince(v.) to draw back
Wince(n.) the act of drawing back in this way
Adjacent(adj.) near, next to, adjoining
Alight(v.) to get down from; to come down from the air; land
Alight(adj.) lighted up
Barren(adj.) not productive; bare
Disrupt(v.) to break up, disturb
Dynasty(n.) a powerful family or group of rulers that maintains its power or position for some time
Foretaste(n.) an advanced indication, sample, or warning
Germinate(v.) to begin to grow; come into being
Humdrum(adj.) ordinary; dull; routine; without variation
Hurtle(v.) to rush violently; dash headlong; to fling or hurl forcefully
Insinuate(v.) to suggest or hint slyly; to edge into something indirectly
Interminable(adj.) endless; so long as to seem endless
Interrogate(v.) to ask questions; examine by questioning
Recompense(v.) to pay back; give a reward
Recompense(n.) a payment for loss, service, or injury
Renovate(v.) to repair; restore to good condition; make new again
Résumé(n.) a brief summary
Sullen(adj.) silent or brooding because of ill humor, anger, or resentment; slow moving; sluggish
Trickle(v.) to flow or fall by drops or in a small stream
Trickle(n.) a small, irregular quantity of anything
Trivial(adj.) not important; minor
Truce(n.) a pause in fighting; temporary peace
Vicious(adj.) evil; bad; spiteful; painfully severe or extreme
Available(adj.) ready for use; at hand
Cater(v.) to satisfy the needs of; to supply food and service
Customary(adj.) usual; expected; routine
Dissuade(v.) to persuade not to do something
Entrepreneur(n.) a person who starts up takes on the risk of a business
Firebrand(n.) a piece of burning wood; a troublemaker
Hazard(n.) risk, peril
Hazard(v.) to expose to danger or to harm; to gamble
Homicide(n.) the killing of one person by another
Indifference(n.) a lack of interest or concern
Indignant(adj.) filled with resentment or anger over something unjust, unworthy, or mean
Indispensable(adj.) absolutley necessary
Lubricate(v.) to apply oil or grease; to make smooth, slippery, or easier to use
Mutual(adj.) shared, felt, or shown equally by two or more
Pelt(v.) to show a stream of things; to strike successively; to hurry
Plague(n.) an easily spread disease causing a large number of deaths
Plague(v.) to annoy or bother
Poised(adj., part.) balanced; calm; ready for action
Regime(n.) a government in power; a period of rule
Retard(v.) to make slow; delay; hold back
Transparent(adj.) allowing light to pass through; easily seen through or detected
Unscathed(adj.) wholly harmed; not injured
Animated(adj.) full of life; lively; alive
Brood(n.) a family of young animals especially birds; any group having the same nature and orgin
Brood(v.) to think over in a worried, unhappy way
Culminate(v.) to reach a high point of development; end; climax
Downright(adv.) throughly
Downright(adj.) absolute; complete; frank; blunt
Drone(n.) a loafer; a buzzing or humming sound; a remote-control device; a male bee
Drone(v.) to make a buzzing sound; to speak in a dull tone of voice
Goad(v.) to drive or urge on
Goad(n.) something used to drive or urge on
Indulge(v.) to give in to a wish or desire; give oneself up to
Ingredient(n.) one of the matrials in a mixture, recipe, or formaula
Literate(adj.) able to read and write; showing an excellent educational background; having knowledge or training
Loom(v.) to come into view; to appear in exaggerated form
Loom(n.) a machine for weaving
Luster(n.) the quality of giving off light, brightness, glitter, or brilliance
Miscellaneous(adj.) mixed; of different kinds
Oration(n.) a public speech for a formal occasion
Peevish(adj.) cross; complaing; irritable; contrary
Seethe(v.) to boil or foam; to be excited or disturbed
Singe(v.) to burn lightly
Singe(n.) a burn at the ends or edges
Unique(adj.) one of a kind; unuasual; found only in a given class, place, or situation
Upright(adj.) vertical; straight; good; honest
Upright(adv.) in a vertical position
Verify(v.) to establish the truth or accuracy of; confirm
Yearn(v.) to have a strong and earnest desire
Anonymous(adj.) unnamed; unknown; lacking individuality or character
Browse(v.) to nibble; to read casually; to window-shop
Dupe(n.) a person easily tricked or deceived
Dupe(v.) to decieve
Dynamic(adj.) active; energetic; forceful
Eradicate(v.) to root out; get rid of; destroy completely
Frustrate(v.) to prevent from accomplishing a purpose or fulfilling a desire; to cause feelings of discouragement
Grim(adj.) stern; fierce; savage
Inimitable(adj.) not able of being copied or imitated
Makeshift(n.) a temporary sub for something else
Makeshift(adj.) crude; flimsy; temporary
Marginal(adj.) near the edge of a margin; only barely right enough
Pending(adj.) waiting to be settled
Pending(prep.) until
Prescribe(v.) to order as a rule or course to be followed; to order for medical purposes
Preview(n.) something seen in advance
Preview(v.) to view beforehand
Prominent(adj.) standing out so as to be easily seen; important; well-known
Quaint(adj.) odd or old-fashioned in a pleasing way; clever; skillfully made
Relutant(adj.) unwilling, holding back
Scrimp(v.) to handle very stingily; to supply in a way that is not just right
Snare(v.) to trap
Snare(n.) a trap or entanglement
Utmost(adj.) greastest; highest; furthest
Utmost(n.) the extreme limit
Vengeance(n.) punishment in return for an injury or a wrong; unusual force or violence


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