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Animal Farm Chapter One, Two and Three - Vocabulary

stoutchubby, plump, heavy
benevolentkind, generous, giving
laboriousbackbreaking, difficult, exhausting
hideousugly, repulsive, revolting
abundanceplenty, loads, a lot
pre-eminentgreatest, supreme, finest
vivaciouslively, bubbly, cheerful
nimblelively, agile, coordinated
elaboratedenlarge, expand, explain
apathyindifference, lack of concern
maltreatingmistreat, hurt, harm
reproachedcriticize, reprimand, accuse
implementstools, utensils, equipment
parasiticalfreeloading, sponging, scrounging
grudgingreluctant, unwilling, complaining
shirkedevade, avoid, dodge
obstinatestubborn, determined, inflexible
propulsionforce, forward motion, momentum
crypticmysterious, puzzling, enigmatic
indefatigableuntiring, unrelenting, tireless

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