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Georgia Indians

Match the following terms with the correct definition.

CherokeeIndian tribe native to North Georgia, Western Tennessee, and Eastern North Carolina
cedeto givup land, usually for a price, the land given up is known as a cession
platmap of a land lot's boundaries
Yazoo Land Fraudpolitical scandal in 1795, when Georgia's General Assembly sold millions of acres of GA's western territories for just pennies an acre to land speculators who had bribed many of the legislators
Land speculatorspeople who buy land cheaply, hold it until the price goes up, and then attempt to sell it for a profit
RepealAbolish a law, or take back approval previously given
Lotterya drawing for a prize, such as land or money
Turnpikea road built and maintained by a private company which then charges travelers a fee or toll to use the road
MicoChief of one or more Creek towns that formed a political unit known as a chiefdom
Massacrethe brutal killing of a large number of people
Red SticksUpper Creeks hostile to the United States during the War of 1812
Factionpart of a group united on a major issue
Trail of TearsThe forced removal of the Cherokees in the Southeast to Oklahoma in 1838, which resulted in deaths of thousands of men, women, and children

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