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Wordly Wise 5 Lesson 9

absurdfoolish, silly, unreasonable
accomplishdo something successfully with effort
ascendto rise in a steady way
densetightly packed; crowded
experimenttest to prove or discover something
flimsyeasily damaged or broken
heroicvery brave and showing courage
lumberwood sawed into boards
mimiccopy or imitate
significantfull of meaning or important
soarto fly high in the sky
spectatorperson who watches an activity
suspendhang while attached to something
terminatebring or come to an end
unwieldyhard to handle or control because of weight or size
soarrise suddenly and rapidly
suspendstop for a while before going on
suspendto bar from working or taking part in something
accomplishmentsomething requiring great skill
densestupid or thickheaded
lumbermove in a clumsy way
mimicmake fun of by imitating
heroicshowing great determination and effort

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