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Vocabulary 16

Boggedto be sunk, as in wet, spongy ground
forda place where a body of water may be crossed by wading
instincea natural impulse, especially in animals, which leads them to acti without conscious thought
mercilesslacking compassion or forgiveness; cruel, harsh
millto move around in a confused or disorderly way
plungeto dive or thrust forcibly or suddenly
resistancea force which opposes or slows down a body or another force
submergeto cover, as by water
treacherousnot dependable; not to be trusted; deceptive; unreliable
wranglerone who herds cows or horses
long e soundspelled ee in a one syllable word
Floss ruleIn a one syllable word, with a short vowel before (f), (l), or (s) you double the final f, l, or s
Spelling with tchIn a one syllable word with a short vowel before (ch)

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