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fatslipids in foods or the body, both of which are composed mostly of triglycerids
oilsliquid fats
triglyceridesthe chief form of fat in the diet and the major storage form of fat in the body
glycerolan alcohol composed of a three-carbon chain, which can serve as the backbone for a triglyceride
fatty acidan organic compound composed of a carbon chain with hydrogens attached and an acid group at one end
saturateda fatty acid carrying the maximum possible number of hydrogen atoms
unsaturateda fatty acid that lacks hydrogen atoms and has at least one double bond between carbons
monounsaturateda fatty acid that lacks two hydrogen atoms and has one double bond between carbons
polyunsaturateda fatty acid that lacks four or more hydrogen atoms and has two or more double bonds between carbons
hydrogenationa chemical process by which hydrogens are added to monounsaturated or polyunsaturated fats to reduce the number of double bonds, making the fats more saturated and resistant to oxidation

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