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Passé Composé with avoir and regular verbs

Past tense using only avoir and regular verbs, such as er, re and ir.

J'ai regardéI watched
Nous avons venduWe sold
Vous avez renduYou pl returned
Tu as écoutéyou (s) listened
Il a attenduHe waited
Elle a grossiShe gained weight
On a maigriEveryone lost weight
Elles ont finiThey (f) finished
Ils ont bavardéThey(m) chatted/discussed
J'ai jouéI played
Tu as entenduYou (s) listened
Elle a finishe finished
Il a jouéHe played
On a rendueveryone returned
Nous avons achetéWe bought
Vous avez venduYou (pl) sold
Elles ont maigriThey (f) lost weight
Ils ont renduThey (m) returned
J'ai choisiI chose
Tu as parléYou (s) spoke
Il a achet&#233He bought
Elle a venduShe sold
On a rendu visiteEveryone visited (a person)
Nous avons visit&#233We visited
Vous avez choisiYou (pl)chose
Elles ont achetéThey (f) bought
Ils ont entenduThey heard
J'ai maigriI lost weight
Tu as venduYou (s) sold

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