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Act I Scene 2

This will help me memorize my lines for "Steel Magnolias".

TRUVY: She has quite an eye for the unusual.Hi there!
SHELBY: Annelle, you did all this?Guilty. Truvy just turned over the decoration responsiblity the me. I like themes. And I despise the commercialization of Christmas, always have. So I went to the fire sale at the Baptist Book Store in Shreveport last month. They had mismatched Manger scnenes at incredibly low prices. I cleaned them out of Baby Jesuses, which Truvy's husband helped me modify into ornaments. Very simple. Tiny white lights, Baby Jesuses, and spoolies.
M'LYNN: Fine. I'm sure you know what you're doing. TRUVY: Annelle?Perfect.
SHELBY: . . . your patients might be less disturbed if they had something stylish to wear. TRUVY: Annelle?The chair. Uh. Excuse me, Shelby? Uh. If you don't have any special plans for the clothes . . . could I have them? Riverview Baptist has a clothes closet for the poor. We're real low on women's dresses.
TRUVY: I think Riverview Baptist is a little too . . "Praise the Lord" for my taste.Some of them do get a little carried away. But there's nothing wrong with that.
TRUVY: She's had a few rough months, have't you, honey?Oh. After they finally threw Bunkie Dupuy behind bars and I was rid of him, I went wild. I was drinking, running around, smoking . .
TRUVY: Jezebel!But Truvy helped me see the error of my ways. I've realized I have something to offer. I joined a church last month. Truvy's helped me see I have talents. I've done guest lectures on beauy at the trade school . . .
TRUVY: Our little Annelle has become one of the hottest tickets in town.Truvy. Stop. I am enjoying the city more. And I am so excited about the Christmas fesival today. I've wanted to come to it all my life. And now I live here!
TRUVY: Tell her who you have a date with.Truvy, will you hush?
TRUVY: Tell her, missy. Shelby is pretty much responsible for the whole thing!Sammy Desoto.
SHELBY: How am I responsible?He was bartending at your wedding reception last spring. That's when I met him. He makes a mean cherry coke.
CLAIREE: It was a dazzling victory over Dry Prong.I heard you on the radio last night. You were wonderful.
CLAIREE: My hair looks younger. My face looks just as old.There is so much going on! The state championship last night, the Christmas festival today, the Messiah sing-along tomorrow . . .
OUISER: . . . why you'd drag yourself back for a couple of firecrackers and drunk teenagers earping on your shoes. SHELBY: I like it.Miss Ousier. I think you need a healthy dose of the Christmas spirit.
OUSIER: I have so much Christmas spirit I could scream.Merry Christmas!
OUSIER: You made them didn't you?With my own two hands.
SHELBY: What do you want me to do with these old clothers? I need to get them out of the back seat.Just bring 'em in.
CLAIREE: Please. I haven't even washed the dishes from Thanksgiving.What did you get your mama?
M'LYNN: Diabetics have healthy babies all the time.It will all be fine.
OUSIER: What is that girl up to?Shelby's donating some clothes to the poor.
TRUVY: Just dump 'em on the couch.Miss M'Lynn, you sure you don't mind me taking them? If your patients need them . . .

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