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Significant Sumpreme Court Case in American History (APUSH) The ones important for the Mid-term

Reveiw cases that are significant to the validity, and the participation of the Supreme Court in the development of the United States.

Cohens V. Virginia(1821)Established the appellate jurisdiction of the Supreme Court over state courts, including state Supreme Courts
Commonwealth V. Hunt (1842)Ruled that labor unions were not "illegal conspiracies," giving fledging unions validity in uncertain times.
Darthmouth College V. Woodward (1819)Affirmed the Constitutional protections of the validity of contracts over state encroachments.
Ex Parte Milligan, (1866)Prohibited military tribunals (courts) from trying civilians neither in peacetime nor wartime, in areas where the civil courts were open.
Fletcher V. Peck (1810)Gave the Supreme Court the authority to invalidate states laws that conflict with the federal Constitution when it ruled that a contract between the state of Gerogia and private speculators was valid.
Gibbons V. Ogden (1842)In a dispute that originally centered on the ability of a state to grant a private company a monopoly on a waterway between New Jersey and New York, the Marshall court established the federal Goverment's sole power over interstate commerce.
McCullock V. Maryland (1803)In his famous "power to tax involves the power to destroy" analogy , John Marshall and the court established that the federal goverment has implied powers (also establishing the theory of loose construction fo the Constitution) and that states cannot tax a federal bank.
Marbury V. Madison (1803)The most significant case for the Sumpreme Court, it Established the power of judicial review when the Court ruled that section 13 of the Judiciary Act of 1789 was unconstitutional.
Plessy V. Ferguson (1896)Established the "seperate but equal" doctrine. This case was later nullified under Brown V. Board of Education of Topeka in (1954)


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