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Unit #3 Vocabulary

Mr. I's class

animated (adj)full of life, lively, alive
animated (participle)moved to action
brood (n)family of young animals
brood (vb)to think over in a worried , unhappy way
culminate (vb)to reach a high point of development; to end; climax
downright (adv)thoroughly
downright (adj)absolute, complete, frank, blunt
drone (n)idler, buzzing sound; a male bee
drone (vb)to speak in a dull tone
goad (vb)to urge on
goad (n)something used to drive on
indulge (vb)to give in to a desire
ingredient (n)one of the materials in a recipe
literate (adj)able to read and write
loom (vb)to appear in an exaggerated way
loom (n)a machine for weaving
luster (n)brightness, glitter
miscellaneous (adj)mixed, different kinds
oration (n)public speech
peevish (adj)complaining, irritable
seethe (vb)to boil or foam; to be excited
singe (vb)to burn slightly
singe (n)a burn at the edges
unique (adj)one of a kind; unusual
upright (adj)vertical, straight, good, honest
upright (adv)in a vertical position
verify (vb)to establish truth, confirm
yearn (vb)to have a strong desire

Mrs. Grom

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