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What type of bags can you recycle?Clean plastic bags of all types.
What if household itmes are too large to fit in your garbage?Call garbage company to pick up.
How can boxes over 4'x4' be recycled?You need to cut them into smaller pieces.
What is the largest size box you can recycle?4'x4'
Why can't you recycle plastic toys?Different kinds of plastics can not be blended together
Why can we recycle some food boxes and not frozen food boxes?They have a wax coating that can not be removed during the recycling process
Why can't wood be recycled?If you are remodeling your house you need to call for a dumpster to remove the wood.
What types of glass can not be recycled?Drinking glasses, window glass, crystal
What kind of glass can you recycle?Pop bottles, beer bottles, milk jugs, food jars
Why can't we recycle paper plates and cups if they're clean?Because they are contaminated
What does contamination mean?Something that is not sterilized, clean or free of germs.
Why would electric cars be better?They wouldn't polloute as much.
Why can't auto parts be recycled?They can be, but they have to weight less than 40 pounds, be empty, small enough to fit in the box.
How much would a car part have to weigh to be recycled?Under 40 pounds.
Why can't you recycle small appliances?They are made partly of metal and contain wires and plugs
What do you have to glass jars before putting in the box?Clean, dry and remove labels.
landfilla place where garbage or rubbish is disposed of
composta mixture of rotton vegetables
recycleto put something through a special process so it can be used again
incinerationto burn ashes
reuseto use again in a different way
pollutionthe act or process of polluting
reduceto make smaller or fewer
contaminateto make dirty or not clean
hazardous wasteanything that is toxic, poisonous, corrosive or flammable
What can you do if not everything fits in your bin?use a brown paper bag

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