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Chapter 14 - "Fingerprints"

anthropometrysystem of individual ID by measurement of parts of the body
archprint pattern with ridge lines that enter on one side and flow out the other side
digital imagingconversion of a picture into a series of square electronic dots
fluorescethe emission of visible light by a substance exposed to a shorter wavelength of light (laser/LED)
iodine fumingusing iodine vapors to visualize latent prints on porous surfaces
latent fingerprintinvisible print made by deposition of oils and/or perspiration
livescaninkless device that captures digital images of prints and transmits them to AFIS
loopprint pattern that enters from one side and curves around to exit from the same side
ninhydrinvisualizes latent prints by reacting with amino acids in perspiration
physical developersilver nitrate based reagent to visualize latent prints on porous surface known to have been wet
pixelsmall electronic dots (units) used to compose a digital image
plastic printridge impressions left on a soft material
portrait parleverbal description of perpetrator's physical characteristics
ridge characteristicsidentifiable marks that must match in two fingerprints to establish common origin
sublimationphysical change directly from solid to gaseous state
super glue fumingchemical reagent used to visualize latent prints on porous surfaces
visible printridge impressions left when finger have been in contact with a colored material
whorlprint pattern with rounded or circular ridges and two deltas
fingerprintsidentifiable ridge patterns formed by dermal papillae of skin
Bertillondeveloped first systematic attempt at personal identification
Herschelused right hand imprints of natives in India to sign contracts
Fauldsuggested skin ridge patterns could used to ID criminals
Galtonsuggested fingerprints to back up Bertillon system he did extensive research and text book "Finger Prints"
Vucetichdeveloped systematic classification system for retrieval of fingerprints, used in Spanish speaking countries
Henrydeveloped fingerprint classification system used by Scotland Yard
bifurcation minutiapoint where one ridge divides forming two ridges
ridge ending minutiapoint where a ridge stops
enclosurepoint where a ridge divides forming two ridges and then rejoins reforming single ridge
biological function of fingerprintsprovide a firmer grasp and a resistance to slippage
epidermisoutermost layer of human skin
dermisinner layer of skin contains sweat glands, oil glands, and nerve endings
dermal papillaeboundary between dermis and epidermis responsible for fingerprints
most common print patternloops
least common print patternarches
ulnar loopopen side of print pattern is towards the little (pinky) finger
radial loopopen side of print pattern is towards the thumb
type linethe two divergent ridges that surround a fingerprint pattern
deltaridge point nearest to the type line divergence
coreapproximate center of any fingerprint pattern
plain whorlwhorl pattern with core appearing like a "bulls eye"
central pocket whorlwhorl pattern with a core appearing like a "spiral"
double loop whorlwhorl pattern formed by two interconnected "ying-yang" loops
plain archsimple gentle curving wavelike pattern entering one side and leaving from other side
tented archsharply rising wavelike pattern with a central "spike"
AFISautomated fingerprint identification systems classify fingerprints by digitalizing minutiae positions
RUVISdetects latent fingerprints using UV light

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