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Grade8 Science Heat/light unit

heatform of energy caused by the internal motion of molecules of matter.
moleculestinyparticle of matter that is always in motion.
heat transfermovement of heat from a warmer object to a cooler one.
conductionheat transferthrough a substance or from one substance to another by direct contact
convectionheat transfer in liquid and gases by means of convection currents
radiationheat transfer through open pace
kinetic energyenergy that a moving object has due to its motion energy
temperatureis a measure of how hot or cold something is
thermometeris an insturment for measuring temperature
potential energyis stored energy in the form of heat or any other kind of energy
phase changethe physical chane of matter from the solid to the liquid phase
heat of vaporizationis the amount of heat need to change 1 gram of a substance from the liquid to the gas phase
heat of fusionis the amount of heat needed to change 1 gram of a substance from the soild to the liquid phase
wavestraveling disbance that carries energy from one place toanother
vibrationis movement that follows the same path
mediumthe matter or substance through which a wave is transmitted
mechanical wavewaves that requre a medium
eletromagnetic waveinstead of matter these waves disturb eletric and magnetic fields
atomare the building blocks of matter
eletromagnetic spectrumarrangment of eletromagnetic waves in order of wavelength and frequenies
radio waveseletromagnetic waves with the longest wavelengths and the loset ferquenies
transparentmaterial through which light is transmitted easily
translucentmaterial that transmits light but no detail
opaquematerial that does not transmit light
light raystraight-line path of light
infrared rayseletromagntic waves with frequcies slightly lower than visible light
visible lightis the eletromagntic waves that you can see
ultraviolet raysis eletromagntic waves with frequines just higher than visible light
luminous objectis anything that can give off its own light
regular reflectionbouncing back of light from a smooth even surface
focal pointis the point in front of the mirror where the reflection meets
convex lensis a lens that converges or brings together light rays
polarized lightlight in which all th waves are vibrating in the same direction

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