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Grade 8 Science Heat/Light Unit

Heatform of energy cuased by the internal motion of particals of matter.
MoleculesTiny particals of matter.
EnergyActive srength or foce,it is measured in Joules.
MatterThe material of which something is made or composed.
Heat TransferHeat change on a object from warm to cool.
ConductionHeat transfere from one substance to another by direct contact of molecules
ConvectionHeat transfer in liquids and gases by movement of molecules from one substance to another.
RadiationHeat transfer trough space.
Kinetic energyenergy that a moving object has due to its motion.
Celsius ScaleMetric scale, water freezes at 0 and boils at 100
Kelvin scaleMetric scale which 0k represent Absoulute zero.freezes at 273 and boils at 373 k
Calorieunit used to measur heat.
Specific Heatability of a subtance to gain or lose heat.
CalorimeterInstrument used to measure heat given off in chemical reactoins.
Heat of FusionAmount of needed to change from solid phase to liqid phase
Thermal expansionexpansion caused by heat.
Bimetallic stripsrip consisting of two differant rates causing the strip to bend.
MediumThe matter or a subtance through which a wave is transmitted
Mechanical wavesAre waves that require a medium
Wavelengthdistance between crest or troughs.
Freqencynumber of complete waves, or cycles,per unit of time
AtomBuilding block of matter
Visible Lightcolors of the spectrum that can be seen.
x-rayelectromagnetic wave in the freqency range just above Ultraviolet rays.
Luminous ObjectIs an object that is capable of giving off its own light.
Florescent Lightbombarding molecule of gas in a tube.
Regular reflectionbouncing back of light from a smooth even surface.
Trancparentmaterial where light is transmitted easily.
Translucentmaterial that transmitts light but no detail.
Opoquedose not transmitt light.
Focal PointPoint on a mirror where reflected rays meet.
Incandescen lightlight produced from heat.

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