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Grade 8 Science heat/light

HeatForm of energy causd by motion of malecule
MoleculeTiny paticle of matter that is always in motion
EnergyIs the movement of molecule
MatterThe particales of everything
Heat transferMovement of heat from a warns of object
ConductionHeat transfer throght a substans or means of convition currents
Convectionheat trans in liquids and gases
RadiationHeat trnfer throught space
ConductorSubstance that transfer heat
InsulatorSubstance that don't condut heat
Kinetic energyEnergy that a moring objecthas due to it's motion
ThemperatureMeasure of the motion of molecules
thermomiterInstment used to measure temperature
Kelvin scaleMetric temperture scale on which o .k represent absolute zero
Absolute zeroTemperture at which all molecular O .K 273
Celsous scaleMetric temperature scale
CalorimeterInstroment used to measure the heat gives off in chemical reation
Gama rayEle tromagtic wave with the highestfreqency
ThermstatDevice that helps control the temperture
CombutionProcess in which fuels are comind with oxagyen
Heat offusionAmont of heat loss by reducing one
InsulationPrevention of heat loss by reducing the transfer of heat a room
Meting pointTemature which a substance from the solid to a lquid
Potential energyEnergy stored in a substance
Speific heatAbility of a substance to obsorb heat energy
AmpitudeGraetest distance from resting position of a wave
Concave mirrorMirror with a surface that curves inward
Concave lensLens that is thicker atthe end than in the middle
Convex lensLens that is thicker in the middle thean the edges
Convex mirrorMirror with a surface that curves outward
CrestHigh point of a wave
DiffractionBending of wavesaround theedge of an obstracle
Electromagnetic spectromAarrangent of electromagnetic waves
MediumMaterial throut which a mechical wave travils
wavetraviling disturbancethat carries energy from places to another
wavelengthdistances between two consecutive similar points on a wave
wave speedfreqencey of a wave times its wavelength
radaruse of short -wavelength
translucentmaterail that transmits light but no detail
transparentmaterial through which light is trannsmitted easily


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