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Anecdotea short account of an incident in someones life
Consolidateto combie, unite, to make solid or firm
Counterfeitan imitation designed to decieve, not genuine, fake, to make an illegal copy
Docileeasily taught, led or managed
Dominateto rule over by strengeth or power
Entreatto beg
Falliblecapable of being wrong
Fickleliable to change rapidly
Fugitiveone who flees or runs away
Grimyvery dirty
Iotaa very small part or quantity
Maulto beat or knock about
Potentialpossible, able to happen
Ruralrelating to farm areas
Substanciallarge, important
Tactfulskillful, diplomatic, discreet
Tamperto interfere with
Ultimatelast, final

Kristen Shea

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