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Voc. 17

cloaka loose outer garment, usually without sleeves; cape
councilora member of a group that makes laws, gives advice, or manages government
gildedcoated with a thin layer of gold
impracticalunrealistic or idealistic
mutterto speak unclearly or in a low tone, often complaining
pedestala base or support, especially of a statue or pillar
reputationthe opinion held of a person by others, sometimes different from the person's real character
sapphirea precious gem deep blue in color
sensiblehaving common sense or good judgment; intelligent; reasonable
severestrict; stern; harsh
chspelled tch after a short vowel in a one syllable word; ch the rest of the time
FLOSSIn a one syllable word with a short vowel before the sounds (f), (l), or (s) you double those final letters
eeOne syllable word with a long e sound

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