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Gr.8 Heat/Light unit

HeatForm of energy caused by the internalmotion of particals of matter.
MoleculesTiny particals that are always in motion.
EnergyThe movement in molecules.
MatterIts a partical or a substance.
ConductionHeat transferred through a substace or from one substance to another would be direct contact of molecules.
Heat TransferMovement of heat from a warmer object to a cooler one.
ConvectionHeat transfer in liquids and gases by means of the movement of molecules from one place to another.
RadiationHeat transferred through space.
Kinetic EnergyEnergy that a moving object has due to its motion; energy of motion.
TemperatureIs a measure of the average Kinetic Energy of molecules.
ThermometerInstrument used to measure temperature.
CelsiusMetric temperature scale on which water freezes at 0 degrees and boils at 100 degrees.
Kelvin ScaleMetric temperature scale in which OK represents absolute zero, the freezing point of water is 273K, and the boiling point is 373K
Absolute ZeroTemperature at which all molecule motion lowest possible temperature (OK,-273 degrees Celcsius).
CalorieUsed to measure heat.
Specific HeatAbility of a substance to absorb heat energy.
Heat gainedMass xtrianglex specific heat.
Potencial EnergyStored energy in a substace.
ReflectionThe bouncing back of light.
Dissuse ReflectionBouncing back of light from a smooth surface and even.
Plain mirrorPerfectly flat surface.
Convex MirrorSurface curves inward.
RefractionThe blending of light to a change in its speed.
TransparentSee through.
Primary Colorsred,blue, and green.

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