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Bolivia Trivia

Fun facts about the South American country Bolivia

Mestizosmixed Indians and whites
zambosthe offspring of Indians and Blacks
Roman Catholicreligion of Bolivia
Charquidried meat
chunodried potato starch
motea large-grained corn
Incanancient ancestors of Bolivian Indians
mulattoesthe offspring of blacks and whites
argentinathe country south of Bolivia
Cordillera Orientalone of rugges mountain chains in Bolivia
Titicacalargest lake in South America and the world highest navigable lake
totoraan offshore reed
La Pazconsidered the "de facto" capital of Bolivia
Jaime Mendozaone of Bolivia's contemporary writers
Sucrethe historic capital of Bolivia
silverPotosi was the world's greatest supplier of this
polleraswide skirts that Bolivian women wear
Altiplanoone of the three distinct geopgraphic areas in Bolivia
Nuestra Senora de La Pazanother name for La Paz
Ancohumaone of the snow-covered peaks in Bolivia

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