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VUS.13a-b; Cold War Conflicts - Terms and Identifications

Review your Cold War terms!

Cold WarThe extreme tension between the U.S. and the Soviet Union after WW2
CommunismThe government/ economic system of the Soviet Union which opposes economic freedom
CapitalismThe economic system of the U.S. which supports economic freedom
PartitionTo separate
BerlinCold War hot spot which featured a blockade, airlift, and a wall—"free territory" inside a communist nation
Marshall PlanAmerican spending to help rebuild Europe after WW2 and prevent spread of communism
United NationsIt replaced the League of Nations, but was more powerful as the U.S. joined it
Security CouncilThe UN body that has power to make sanctions and enforce them
General AssemblyThe UN body that discusses world problems and makes suggestions
Truman DoctrineThe first American statement that the U.S. should intervene to contain communism
ContainmentStopping the spread of communism
KoreaU.S. took part in UN forces to fight communist aggression- it ended in stalemate
VietnamThe longest war in our history, U.S. tried to contain communism—we failed
CubaThis became the closest communist nation to the U.S. and the source of great agitation
NATOThis body was designed to stop the spread of communism in Europe by using a defensive alliance
TotalitarianType of government where the all aspects of people’s lives are controlled
Warsaw PactSoviets formed this defensive alliance in response to NATO
Iron CurtainPhrase to describe the separation between NATO and Warsaw Pact nations in Europe
ChinaThis nation turned communist in 1949, considered the greatest loss to America
Mao ZedongThe communist revolutionary in China
38th ParallelThe dividing line between North and South Korea
VietcongThe communist forces in Vietnam
VietnamizationNixon’s plan to return the fighting of the Vietnam war to the people of Vietnam
Ho Chi MinhThe Communist revolutionary leader in Vietnam
Fidel CastroThe communist revolutionary leader in Cuba
Bay of PigsCIA attempt to back Cuban exiles’ attempt to overthrow Communist government in Cuba
Missile CrisisU.S. demanded the Soviets withdraw nukes from Cuba- nearly sparked nuclear war
Domino TheoryThe idea that if one nation fell to communism, its neighbors would soon fall
Alger HissState department Soviet spy- caught and helped fuel Red Scare
RosenbergsSpies found guilty of selling atomic secrets to the Soviet Union
McCarthyismPhrase used to describe ruthless accusations of communist sympathizers with no evidence
Red ScareThe fear of communism in the United States
HAUCCommittee formed to investigate communists in the United States
Hampton RoadsArea of Virginia which benefited from Cold War spending on the military
TrumanPresident who initiated Cold War policies of containment
EisenhowerPresident who continued containment policies- he sent military advisors to Vietnam
KennedyPresident associated with Bay of Pigs and the Missile Crisis in Cuba
JohnsonPresident associated with escalation in Vietnam
NixonPresident who ordered withdraw of American Troops in Vietnam and visited China
Massive RetaliationThe idea to deter Soviet attack by building large arsenals of weapons
Joe McCarthyRose to power saying, "I have a list of known communists…"
Arms RaceThe rapid development of weapons to intimidate
Gulf of Tonkin ResolutionThe law passed by congress to allow Johnson to escalate the war in Vietnam
DétenteEasing of tensions in the Cold War in the 1970’s

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