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2016-17 Web 1 Internet Vocabulary

Internetglobal network connecting millions of computers
networka structure linking computers together to share resources
WWWa system of link documents that are accessible through a browser
host computernetwork server providing means of sharing computers
client computerthe requesting program or user
HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)protocol that enables transfer of data from host to client
URL (Uniform Resource Locator)address that provides the path to a document or location on the Internet
browser (Internet Explorer, Netscape)Software program that request a page, interprets code within a web page, and then d
hyperlinkallow users to move from one topic to another by clicking a key word or phrase
bookmarkfavorite site
Internet service providers (ISP)Cox, AOL, Earthlink, Juno,etc.
online service providers (OSP)Ebay, American Express, etc.
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)one of the most commonly used authoring language for web pages
WYSIWYG text editora program allowing user to view code and document created
Cloud Computingdelivery on-demand computing resources from applications to data centers
navigation mapoutlines structure of entire web project
downloading off Internetsave or copy file, text, or picture from the Internet
uploading onto InternetTransmitting data from your computer to host computer/server
emailmost widely use tool on the Internet
portal web (Yahoo, MSN, etc.)web site with variety of Internet services
active windowarea on the desktop that is currently being used
anti-virus programsoftware that can detect a known virus
bitbinary digit, either 0 or 1. Smallest unit of storage on computer.
bytecomprised of 8 bits. stores one character of information
crashWhen the computer system stops working for some reason and must be restarted.
defaulta software function or procedure that occurs automatically, ex. default printer.
dialog boxa window which allows the user to enter information to tell the computer what to do and how to do it
editto enter, change, or erase data.
filenamename assigned to a file
folderwhere files are stored on a computer, also referred to as directory
formulaused for calculation of values in a spreadsheet
function keyskeys on top of the keyboard used to give the computer instructions
F1help key
GBGigabyte, approx. one billion bytes
GIFa graphics file format (Graphic Interchange Format)
graphics cardLocated inside computer case, generates the text and images to the screen
hackerterm used to refer to an individual who is able to break into a computer system
hard copyprinted copy of text, numbers, or graphics from a computer
hardwarethe electronic components and devices that make up a computer
iconspictures on a screen or toolbar that represents various commands, files, or folders
inboxThe mailbox that holds incoming mail.
information superhighwayThe availability and use of information and communication by means of computers and computer networks.
input deviceUsed for inputing informaiton, keyboard, mouse, and microphone.
JPEGA graphics file format used often for displaying photographs.
keywordsWords entered into a search engine in order to find the information on the Internet.
mail mergemerging a main document with a data source
MBMegabytes. Often used to refer to 1 million bytes
memorya device for temporary storage of data while a task is being carried out.
monitorOutput device similar to a TV screen, displays text and images on the screen.
motherboardA physical layout in a computer case that contains the computer's basic circuitry and components.
navigationMethod of moving through a website.
operating systemControls the overall activity of the computer
passwordA string of characters that a user must supply to meet security requirements.
PCPersonal computer used by one person; can be connected to a network.
Pop-upA small window that opens in response to a mouse click or programming.
programmerA person who designs, writes, and tests computer programs.
public domainSoftware that is not protected by copyright.
RAMRandom Access Memory, memory that is temporarily stored when the computer is running and executing a program.
Recycle BinDeleted files are moved to the Recycle Bin.
ResolutionThe number of pixels a computer monitor can display.
Web Browserthe software program that accesses the web documents
Web documenta file that contains web elements that you can select
Local Area Network (LAN)a network within a single building or a coverage area of half-mile
Wide Area Network (WAN)Links LANs extend over a very wide area
Servera computer that delivers information and software to other computers linked by a network
Clientthe requesting program or user
ARPANETthe Internet that was established by the Department of Defense in 1968
Backboneh-speed fiber-optic networks that connect
TCP/IPused to send packets over the Internet
IPthe address for every computer or device on the network
Dotted quad notationthe decimal notation system used an IP address
Domain namethe text version of an IP address
Domain name systemtranslates domain names into IP addresses
Domain name systemtranslates domain names into IP addresses
Top Level Domainthe rightmost part of a domain name (.com, .net, etc.)
CSSdescribes how HTML elements are to be displayed on screen, paper, or in other media.

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