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Planning Practice

A helpful tool in planningWireframing
Wireframing determines the _____ of the Web sitepurpose
Examples of websitese-commerce, company intranet, informational, web application
A website within your company's network that (mostly) only employees can accesscompany intranet
Buying and selling of goods and services, or the transmitting of funds or data, over an electronic network, primarily the internete-commerce
Wireframing outlinesbasic steps for the development process
What should you include on the site plan?home or default page, sections of site (tabs), general idea of content
A person or group with a/an interest in a project, and with the power to exert influence (either positive or negative) over the project and affect resultsA stakeholder
Stakeholders consist ofsuppliers, customer representatives and/or shareholders to the project
First step of web site planningDefine the purpose
Second step of web site planningDefine the audience
Third step of web site planningPlan the content
Fourth step of web site planningPlan the navigation
Fifth step of web site planningPlan the pages
Sixth step of web site planningPlan the user experience
First step of the development processCreate and document an initial Web site plan
Second step of the development processObtain relevant input from stakeholders
Third step of the development processCommunicate the Web site plan
Fourth step of the development processConsider technical/non-technical concerns
Fifth step of the development processDevelop the site
Sixth step of the development processPublish the site
Seventh step of the development processManage the site
4 examples of site maintenanceDead Links, Create Content, Remove old sites, Pages that do not render
3 main areas of a basic Web site layoutHome page(index), Main Sections(site index), Subsections(content)
Plug-ins, databases, maps, dynamic HTML, and CGI are all examples of:user requested technologies
Purpose of the site, site's look and feel, services that audience requires from site and development timeline all make upRelevant input

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