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Science Lab

This game is for middle school Science students.

what is the Elements symbol for CopperCu
What is the symbol for NickleNi
What is the Atomic number for Silver47
What is in the IIA columBe,Mg,Ca,Sr,Ba,and,Ra
Is Bromine a gasno
Is Sulfur a solidyes
Is Mercury a liquidno
Where are most of the Volcanos in the U.S.Hawii
What is the 3 main groups of rocksMetetmorphic,Ignious,Setomentary
Name the hardest mineral on Mohes ScaleDimond
What do plants "eat"sun, water, and, minerals
Name Nonvascular plantsAlge,fungi,yeast,mold,lichens, and, moss
What is the diffrence with Nonvascular and vascular plantsvascular plants contain chlorophyll
What does a paramecium resemblea soul of a shoe
i a vain like elastic on the outsideyes
Is it bad to have high blood pressureyes
What is the amount of present time before Mesozonic evolution225,000,000 years
Snakes evolved fromCotylosaure
What is a NicheA habitat
What is the substance from a chemical reactiona product

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