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Chapter 14 vocab drill by Chryssi and Alexis (1.2)

Comprehensive review of chapter 14 vocabulary from first year latin

concido, concidereto fall down
incolumisunhurt, safe and sound
gaudeo, gaude'reto be glad
quod, with verbs of feelingthat
cesso, cessareto be idle, do nothing
extraho, extrahereto drag out
frustra, vain
haereo, haere'reto stick
moveo, move'reto move
culpa, culpae,f.fault, blame
tua culpabecause of your fault, it's your fault that
cisiumlight two-wheeled carriage
interpello, interpellareto interrupt
placide, adv.gently, peacefully
celerrime, adv.very fast
devertebathe began to turn aside
ars, artis,, artium, f.skill
ago, agereto do, drive
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