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weatherRefers to the present state pf the atmosphere and describes the current condition.
relative humidityThe measure of the amount of water vapor in the air compared to the total amount of water vapor it has room for a particular temperature.
upwellingthe rising of cold, nutrient-rich water from deep in the ocean to the surface.
wave lengthThe horizontal distance between the crests of two successive wavesor troughs of two successive waves
tideslong waves that result in a periodic change in the surface level of oceans.
heating, rising, cooling, sinkingare the steps in a convection current.
reefA large colony of coral animals.
photosynthesisthe process plants and algae use to make food.
stratusLow, layered gray clouds that produce light precipitation.
cirrusHigh, white, feathery clouds usually associated with fair weather.
air massIs a large body of air that has the same properties as the surface over which it develops.
3.5%Is the percentage of ocean water that is salt.
Thunderstorms generally form along acold front
The interaction of air, water, and sun causesweather
Global warmingmay be a cause of deforestation
chemosynthesisa process used by bacteria to produce food and oxygen.
crestthe highest point on a wave.
density currentan ocean current that occurs when denser seawater moves under an area of less dense seawater.
surface currentan ocean current found in the upper few hundred meters of seawater.
hurricanea large tropical storm
tidal rangethe difference between low tide and high tide.
basinswater filled low areas on the earth.
saturatedhas 100% relative humidity
dew pointthe temperature at which air is saturated and condensation takes place.
circularmolecules in a wave move
counter-clockwisemost currents north of the equator move
wave heightthe vertical distavce between crest and trough.
turbinea machine with fan blades that spin to make energy.
have gravitational forcethe moon, sun, and earth
when it is over watera hurricane has the most strength
continental driftstates that continents have moved horizontally to their current locations.
Pangaeathe name Alfred Wegner gave the landmass of continents before they split apart.
sea-floor spreadingwhen hot dense material is forced up to surface at a nid-ocean ridge, then it turns and carries the floor sideways


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