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The Blood and the Immune System

Exploring the components of blood and the immune system.

PlasmaContains proteins, antibodies, hormones, and enzymes
Red Blood CellsAlso known as erythrocytes
Red Blood CellsTransports oxygen from lungs to body tissue (cells)
Red Blood CellsContain hemoglobin
HemoglobinAn iron-containing protein in red blood cells in which oxygen binds to
OxyhemoglobinWhen oxygen binds to hemoglobin
White Blood CellsAlso known as Leukocytes
White Blood CellsMain purpose is to fight off disease
PhagocytesEngulf and destroy bacteria at the site of infection by the process of phagocytosis
LymphocytesProduce antibodies, which act against foreign molecules known as antigens
Immune responseAn antigen-antibody reaction
PlateletsPlay a key role in blood clot formation
Active ImmunityResults when antibodies are produced by the body in response to a foreign substance (antigen) in the body
Passive ImmunityDevelops when an individual receives antibodies from an outside source (medication)
VaccinationsA weakened strand of the virus is used to stimulate the immune system
AntibioticsChemicals produced outside the human body, usually by fungi, that can be given to a person to kill the bacteria causing an infection
B-cellsRespond to specific antigens by producing antibodies that will bind only to the antigen
Memory B-cellsRemain in the body in case you encounter the same invading microorganism again
Killer T-cellsSeek and destroy infected body cells with the virus in it
Helper T-cellsAssist both B-cells and Killer T-cells
Allergic ReactionsResults from the over activity of the immune system to common substances such as dust, mold, pollen, or certain foods
Autoimmune DiseasesResults from when the immune system begins to attack normal body tissue
AIDSDevelops when the HIV virus destroys the Helper T-cells and the body is no longer able to protect itself from diseases that may attack it
AnemiaA condition in which blood cannot carry sufficient amounts of oxygen to body cells
LeukemiaA form of cancer in which the bone marrow produces non-functional white blood cells
TransfusionWhen a person receives blood from an outside source
Blood Type OUniversal donor
Blood Type ABUniversal recipient

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