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7th grade - Post WWII and Vnam B

Arms Raceboth USA and Russia rushed to build more nuclear weapons
Korean WarIn 1950, North Korea invaded South Korea. • United States and United Nations responded by offering support to South Korea. • China sent support to North Korea
Bay of PigsAbout 1,500 Cuban exiles landed by boat at Cuba’s Bay of Pigs to overthrow Fidel Castro and the communists, but the invasion failed
Cuban Missile CrisisIn 1962 American spy planes discovered Soviets installing nuclear missiles in Cuba. Kennedy demanded removal of the missiles
New Red ScareNew fears of the spread of communism
Joseph McCarthy and McCarthismWisconsin senator charged communists were working in the State Department; method of making aggressive accusations without proof
BlacklistPeople suspected of Communist sympathies were often denied work
CandylandSite of the best buttered popcorn in downtown Stillwater

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