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Blanc- UN8 - Voyage - verbs à? de? nothing?

There are 44 of these, so repeat the activity LOTS and LOTS of times!

apercevoirto see/catch a glimpse of
___ aperçoisje/tu form- see/catch glimpse
___ aperçoitil/on form- see/catch glimpse
(avoir) apercuparticipe passé -saw/caught glimpse
recevoir (a thing)to get, receive
recevoir (people)to entertain
___ reçoisje/tu form-receive/entertain
___ reçoitil/on form-receive/entertain
(avoir) reçuparticipe passé (received, entertained)
venir de (place)to come from
venir de (+ infinitive)to have just done something
___ viens deje/tu form-come from/just did
___ vient deil/on form-come from/just did
___ viennent deils form-come from/just did
___ aperçoiv[ent]ils form-see/catch glimpse
____ reçoiv[ent]ils form-receive/entertain
___ recevonsnous form-receive/entertain
___ apercevonsnous form-receive/entertain
___venons denous form-come from/just did
___ venez devous form-come from/just did
(être) venu(e)(s) departicipe passé -came from
apprendre àto learn (how) to
commencer àto begin to
se mettre àto get started
continuer àto continue, go on
hésiter àto hesitate to
réussir àto succeed in/at, manage to
___ réussit àil/on form - succeed
___ réussis àje/tu form- succeed
___ réussiss[ent] àils form-succeed
___réussissez àvous form-succeed
___ apprennent àils form-learn to
___ apprends àje/tu form-learn to
___ apprend àil/on form-learn to
accepter deto accept, agree to (do something)
arrêter deto stop (doing something)
cesser deto stop/quit (doing something)
décider deto decide to (do something)
essayer deto try on, try to (do something)
finir deto finish (doing something)
finir parto end up (doing something)
oublier deto forget to (do something)
refuser deto refuse to (do something)
rêver deto dream of/about (doing something)

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