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Bio. - Pregnancy & Birth

Vocabulary word to support NYS modified biology unit on pregnancy and birth.

AIDS (stands for...)acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIDS (def.)viral infection that destroys the functin of the human immune system
amniocentesistechnique in which some of the amniotic fluid surrounding an embryo is removed for analysis
amnionone of four embryonic membranes of vertebrate embryos; protects the embryo in watery fluid
amniotic fluidfluid that fills the amnion and cushions and protects the embryo
amniotic sacsac which surrounds and hold amniotic fluid
caesaren sectiondelivery of an infant through an incision in the abdominal and uterine walls
chorionic villi samplingstudy of extra-embryonic cells making it possible to determine the genetic errors in the embryo
congenitalexisting at or dating from birth
contractionshortening & thickening of a functioning muscle as in the uterus in preparation for delivery of infant
Down's syndromecongential condition caused by a chromosome abnormality that leads to mental retardation
embryonic periodthe first 2 months of pregnancy in humans
fetal periodthe time period for a fetus
fetusdeveloping human form week 8 until birth
HCG (stands for ...)human chorionic gonadotrophin
HCG (def.)hormone secreted by cells surrounding the embryo during implantation
morning sicknessnausea experienced by pregnant women caused by elevated levels of progesterone and estrogen
oxytocinhormone secreted by the pituitary gland to signal the uterus to begin contractions prior to birth
placentamass of small blood vessels & associated tissues across which materials are exchanged between embryo & mother
unbilical cordstructure that contains blood vessels; transports blood between embryo & placenta

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