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Fourth Grade Science

Chapter 1

energythe ability to cause change
conductionthe transfer of energy through a solid
convectionthe transfer of energy through a liquid
potential energystored energy
joulethe basic unit of energy used by scientists
kinetic energyenergy in motion
workif a force moves an object it is done
forcea push or a pull
resistance forcesforces that resist motion
frictiona force created by rubbing that acts to keep objects from moving
an example of workturning the pages of a book
convectionair in a room is heated by this
conductionwhen a pan handle becomes hot because the heat is transferred through the metal to the handle
forcea spring scale is used to measure this
speed or directionenergy can make things change this
Putting a box on wheels to roll itThis produces less friction when you move a heavy box
work =distance x force
It will make the ice less slippery, and increase the friction between the person's feet and the iceSpreading sand on ice will
Work= 4m x 10 N; Work= 40 joulesMary lifts a book that weighs 10N a distance of 4m. How much work will she do?

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