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Diatomic molecules and most common polyatomic molecules

Identify the elements as either diatomic molecule or not a diatomic molecule and name the polyatomic ions as well as give the charge.

HDiatomic molecule
IDiatomic molecule
NDiatomic molecule
FDiatomic molecule
NDiatomic molecule
BrDiatomic molecule
ClDiatomic molecule
ODiatomic molecule
IodineDiatomic molecule
NitrogenDiatomic molecule
OxygenDiatomic molecule
HydrogenDiatomic molecule
FluorineDiatomic molecule
BromineDiatomic molecule
ChlorineDiatomic molecule
Name the 7 diatomic moleculesI2, N2, H2, F2, O2, Br2, Cl2
HeNot a diatomic molecule
BoronNot a diatomic molecule
CarbonNot a diatomic molecule
NeonNot a diatomic molecule
Phosphate ionPO4 charge of 3-
Carbonate ionCO3 charge of 2-
Hydroxide ionOH charge of 1-
Ammonium ionNH4 charge of 1+
Sulfate ionSO4 charge of 2-
Nitrate ionNO3 charge of 1-
Which polyatomic ion is a cation?NH4+
PO4 charge of 3-Phosphate ion
NO3 charge of 1-Nitrate ion
SO4 charge of 2-Sulfate ion
NH4 charge of 1+Ammonium ion
CO3 charge of 2-Carbonate ion
OH charge of 1-Hydroxide ion
SO3 charge of 2-Sulfite ion
NO2 charge of 1-Nitrite ion

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