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asia minor served as "home" to the Hittites, Lydians and eventually the Persianstrue
The Royal Roas was an innovation which served to cnnect the capital cities of Hattusas, Susa, Persepolis, Memphis, and Babylonfalse
Despite their warlike image the Hittites demonstrated a willingness to live in peacetrue
the Chaldeans did make some conquest especially in the area of Jerusalemtrue
Other than military ventures, trade also appeared to flourish among the ppl outside the valleytrue
the lydians and the persians appeared to be the most imperialistic civilizations among the ppl outside the valeyfalse
Cyrus the Great of Persia was the genuis behind Persia's internal developments and progressfalse
The Chaldeans were responsible for placing the Jews in captivity in the BC eratrue
The Pheonicians may not have had an empire, but they did establish a series of colonies which could also serve as portstrue
the idea of coins for currency was the innovation of the Pheonicians who ha an advanced economyfalse
the area which is presently Turkey was their original homeHittites
they were responsible for developing the concept of the alphabetPhoenicia
they construted more parks and palaces rather them temples in mesopotamiaAssyria
they conquered lands eats of the mediterannean and tried to go west of the Aegeanpersia
Carthage was their successful and prosperous colonyPhoenicia
they tapped springs under the sea to supply their ppl w/ fresh water and found valuable mollusksPhoenicia
they were known for their iron smelting and refinements to the chariothittites
this civilization is the only one wher a woman was given recognition in a bookhittites
obviously lions must have occupied their landassyria
Zoroaster, Mani, and Mithra were conributors to religious thoughts in this erapersia
they had a known system of weights and measures along w/ their religionsPersia
they made a "treaty" w/ Egypt and almost married the wife of a deceased Pharaohhittites
they occupied the land of the Canaanites before being conqueredphoenicia
hattusas was at one time the capital of this empireHittites
this empire was known for conquests and keeping track of ppl at partiesAssyria
Ahura-Mazda and Ahriman are deities in the religion ofZoroasterism
the greatest conqueror in history of the ancient Near East was probably the PersianCyrus
the use of war and conquest as a basic part of economic life was characteristic ofAssyrians
the chronological sequence for empire building in the Near EastHitite, Assyrian, Persian
Which leader was known for his efforts to beautify his homelandsNebuchadnezzar
the Phoenicians had access to great quantities and types of lumber which aided them in initially developing which of the following industriesshipbuilding

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