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Mod 5-6 Terms

albuminuriaalbumin in the urine
andropathydiseases of the male
anorchismstate of absence of testis
anuriaabsence of urine
anuricpertaining to absence of urine
aspermiacondition of the absence of sperm
azotemiaurea in the blood; uremia
azotorrheaexcessive discharge of nitrogen
azoturiaexcessive nitrogen in the urine
balanicpertaining to the glans penis
balanitisinflammation of the penis
balanoplastysurgical repair of the glans penis
balanorrheaexcessive discharge from the glans penis
cryptorchidismstate of hidden testes
cystalgiapain in the bladder
cystectomyexcision of the bladder
cystitisinflammation of the bladder
cystoceleprotrusion of the bladder
cystogramx-ray film of the bladder
cystographyprocess of x-ray filming the bladder
cystolithstone in the bladder
cystolithotomyincision of the bladder to remove a stone
cystopexysurgical fixation of the bladder
cystoptosisdrooping bladder
cystorrhaphysuturing the bladder
cystoscopeinstrument used for visual examination of the bladder
cystoscopyvisual examination of the bladder
cystostomycreation of an artificial opening into the bladder
cystotomyincision of bladder
cystourethrographyprocess of recording the bladder and urethra
dysuriadifficult or painful urination
epididymalpertaining to the epididymis
epididymectomysurgical removal of the epididymis
epididymitisinflammation of the epididymis
epididymotomyincision into the epididymis
glomerulonephritisinflammation of the glomeruli of the kidney
glomerulopathydisease of the kidney involving the glomeruli
glycosuriasugar in the urine
hematuriablood in the urine
hydronephrosisabnormal condition of water in the kidney
lithotripsysurgical crushing of a stone
meatalpertaining to the meatus
meatoplastysurgical repair of the meatus
meatotomyincision of the meatus
nephralgiakidney pain
nephrectomyexcision of a kidney
nephritisinflammation of a kidney
nephroblastomakidney tumor containing developing cell tissue (Wilm's tumor)
nephrolithiasiscondition of stones(s) in the kidney
nephrolithotomyincision of the kidney to remove a stone
nephrolithotripsysurgical crushing of a stone in the kidney
nephrologista physician who studies and treats disease of the kidney
nephrologystudy of the kidney
nephromatumor of the kidney
nephromegalyenlargement of the kidney
nephropathydisease of the kidney
nephropexysurgical fixation of the kidney
nephroptosisdrooping kidney
nephroscopeinstrument used to view the kidney
nephroscopyvisual examination of the kidney
nephrosonographyprocess of recording the kidney with sound (ultrasound)
nephrostomycreation of an artificial opening into the kidney
nocturiaexcessive night urination
oligospermiacondition of scanty sperm
oliguriascanty urination
orchialgiapain in the testicle
orchidectomyexcision of one or both testes
orchiditisinflammation of the testis or testicle
orchidopexysurgical fixation of a testicle
orchidotomyincision into a testis
orchiectomyexcision or surgical removal of one or both testes
orchiepididymitisinflammation of the testis and epididymis
orchiopathydisease of the testicle
orchiopexysurgical fixation of a testicle
orchioplastysurgical repair of a testis
orchiotomyincision into a testis
orchitisinflammation of the testis or testicle
polyuriamuch (excessive) urine
prostatectomyexcision of the prostate gland
prostaticpertaining to the prostate gland
prostatitisinflammation of the prostate gland
prostatocystitisinflammation of the prostate gland and the bladder
prostatocystotomyincision into the bladder and prostate
prostatolithstone in the prostate gland
prostatolithotomyincision into the bladder prostate gland to remove a stone
prostatomegalyenlargement of the prostate
prostatorrheaexcessive discharge from the prostate gland
prostatovesiculectomyexcision of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles
prostatovesiculitisinflammation of the prostate gland and seminal vesicles
pyelitisinflammation of the renal pelvis
pyelogramx-ray film of the renal pelvis
pyelolithotomyincision of the renal pelvis to remove a stone
pyelonephritisinflammation of the renal pelvis and the kidney
pyelopathydisease of the renal pelvis
pyeloplastysurgical repair of the renal pelvis
pyelostomycreation of an artificial opening into the renal pelvis
pyuriapus in the urine
renalpertaining to the kidney
renogramrecord of the kidney
spermaticpertaining to sperm
spermatogenesisproduction/formation of sperm
spermatolysisdestruction of sperm
spermatolyticpertaining to destruction of sperm
testicularpertaining to the testes
testitisinflammation of the testis or testicle
transurethralpertaining to through the urethra
uremiacondition of excessive waste products in the blood
ureteralpertaining to the ureter
ureterectomyexcision of a ureter
ureteritisinflammation of a ureter
ureteroceleprotrusion of a ureter
ureterogramrecord of the ureter
ureterolithstone in the ureter
ureterolithiasiscondition of stones in the ureters
ureteroscopeinstrument used for viewing the ureter
ureteroscopyvisual examination of the ureter
ureterostenosisnarrowing of the ureter
ureterostomycreation of an artificial opening into the ureter
ureterotomyincision into the ureter
urethralpertaining to the urethra
urethralgiapain in the urethra
urethrocystitisinflammation of the urethra and bladder
urethropexysurgical fixation of the urethra
urethroplastysurgical repair of the urethra
urethrostenosisnarrowing of the urethra
urethrotomyincision into the urethra
urinarypertaining to urine
urogramradiographic image of the urinary tract
urologistphysician specializing in DX and TX of diseases of male & female urinary system & reproductive system of male
urologystudy of male and female urinary system and reproductive system of male
vasectomyexcision of vas deferens
vasovasostomycreation of artificial openings between ducts
vesicalpertaining to the bladder
vesicotomyincision of bladder
vesicularpertaining to the seminal vesicle
vesiculectomyexcision of the seminal vesicle
acquired immune deficiency syndromeA disease caused by HIV and interferes with cellular immunity lowering resistance to infection and malignancy.
artificial inseminationintroduction of semen into the vagina by artificial means
azoospermialack of live sperm in the semen
benign prostatic hyperplasianon-cancerous excessive development of the prostate gland
blood urea nitrogentest that measures amount of urea in blood used to determine kidney function; when increased indicates kidney failure
catheterflexible, tube-like device for withdrawing or instilling fluids
circumcisionsurgical removal of the prepuce(foreskin)
clean catch specimenurine sample obtained after cleaning off the meatus and collecting a urine sample midstream
coitalpertaining to sexual intercourse between a male and female (copulation)
coitussexual intercourse betw. male and female (copulation)
condomcover for the penis worn during coitus
creatininewaste product
digital rectal examinationInsertion of a gloved finger in the rectum to examine the size and shape of the prostate
distendedstretched out
diuresiscondition of increase urine passing through
diureticagent that increases the amount of urine
ejaculationejection of semen from the male urethra
electrolytesminerals in the body, such as sodium and potassium that carry an electrolyte charge
enuresisinvoluntary urination; synonym for incontinence
epispadiascongenital defect in which the urinary meatus is located on the upper surface of the penis
erectile dysfunctioninability of the male to attain or maintain an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse
extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsynoninvasive surgical procedure to crush stones in the kidney or ureter by administration of repeated shockwaves
Foley Cathetertube placed in the bladder to drain urine
fulgurationdestruction of living tissue with an electric spark
genitalia (genitals)reproductive organs (male or female)
gonadsmale and female sex glands
hemodialysisprocedure for removing impurities from the blood with use of filter
human immunodeficiency virussexually transmitted disease caused by a retrovirus that attacks the immune system
human papillomavirussexually transmitted disease caused by viral infection
hydrocelescrotal swelling caused by collection of fluid along the tubes within the testes
hydrocelectomysurgical removal of a hydrocele
hypospadiascongenital defect in which the urinary meatus is located on the underside of the penis
incontinenceinability to control bladder and /or bowels
infertilityreduced or absent ability to produce off spring
kidneys, ureters, bladdersimple radiographic image of the abdomen to view the kidneys, ureters, and bladder
laser surgerysurgery using the cutting power of a laser beam to clot, cut or vaporize tissue
micturateto urinate or void
micturitionn. act of passing urine
nocturnal enuresisinvoluntary urination at night
orgasmclimax of sexual stimulation
peritoneal dialysisprocedure for removing toxic wastes when the kidney is unable to do so
phimosistightness of prepuce that prevents its retraction over the glans penis
polycystic kidney diseasecondition in which the kidney contains many cysts and is enlarged
priapismpersistent abnormal erection of the penis accompanied by pain and tenderness
prostate cancercancer of the prostate gland
prostate-specific antigenblood test for prostate cancer that measures the level of an enzyme released by the prostate
pubertyperiod when secondary sexual characteristics develop and ability to reproduce sexually begins
renal calculistones in the kidney
renal failureloss of kidney function resulting in its inability to remove waste products from the body and maintain electrolyte balance
renal hypertensionelevated blood pressure resulting from kidney disease
renal transplantsurgical implantation of a donor kidney to replace a nonfunctioning kidney
resectoscopespecialized endoscope used for removing a piece of the prostate gland
retrograde urogramx-ray image of the urinary tract (retrograde - opp direction) contrast medium instilled through urethral catheters by a cystoscope
robotic surgeryMinimally invasive surgery using small instruments attached to a robotic arm controlled by the surgeon with a computer.
semen analysismicroscopic observation of ejaculated semen, revealing the size, structure, and movement of sperm
sexually transmitted infectioninfection spread through sexual contact
specific gravitytest performed on a urine specimen to measure the concentrating or diluting ability of the kidneys
spermatocelean epididymal cyst filled with fluid and sperm cells that causes scrotal swelling
sterilizationprocess that renders an individual unable to produce offspring
strictureabnormal narrowing, such as a urethral stricture; stenosis
testicular carcinomacancer of the testicles
testicular torsiontwisting of the spermatic cord causing decreased blood flow to the testis
transrectal ultrasounda probe placed in the rectum uses sound waves to create an image
transurethral resection of the prostate glandsuccessive pieces of the prostate gland tissue are resected by using a resectoscope inserted through the urethra
ureawaste product
urinalreceptacle for urine
urinalysismultiple routine tests done on a urine specimen
urinary catheterizationpassage of a catheter into the urinary bladder to withdraw urine
urinary retentionabnormal accumulation of urine in the bladder because of an inability to urinate
urinary tract infectioninfection of one or more organs of the urinary tract
urodynamicspertaining to the force and flow of urine within the urinary tract
varicoceleenlarged veins of the spermatic cord
vesicourethral suspensionsurgical suspension pertaining to the bladder and urethra
voidto empty or evacuate waste material, especially urine
voiding cystourethrographyradiographic imaging of the bladder and the urethra while voiding

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