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Plate Tectonics theory

Theory of continental drift of 1911 by Alfred Wegener, a German meteorologist, which eventually led to the present day theory of Plate Tectonics

Alfred Wegenerproposed continental drift theory
Harry Hessproposed sea floor spreading theory
convergent boundarycolliding boundary
divergent boundarypulling apart
transform boundarysliding past each other (shear)
trenchformed by subduction movement
subductionocean material moves down at continental boundary
sea floor spreadingocean pulling apart @Mid ocean
continental-continentalland-land collision
continental-oceanocean-land collision
ocean-oceanforms volcanic arc& hot spots
mid ocean ridgelong mountain chain
rift valleyelongated crack found when crust splits
San Andreas faultbest example of transform fault
Normal Polaritymagnetism pointing to True N
Pangaea"all land mass"
Volcanic ArcsAleutians, Hawaiian Islands
Reverse PolarityMagnetism switching to S
Glossopteriaancient fossil fern found in S.A. & Africa
LauriaLarge land mass of Europe & Asia

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