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abdominoperineal resectionremoval of distal colon and rectum through both abdominal and perineal approaches
acoustic neuromabenign tumor within the internal auditory canal growing from the acoustic nerve
acute respiratory distress syndromerespiratory failure as a result of disease or injury
adhesionabnormal growing together of two surfaces that are normally separated
airwaypassageway by which air enters and leaves the lungs or mechanical device used to keep the air passageway unobstructed
allergenenvironmental substance capable of producing an immediate hypersensitivity in the body
allergistphysician who studies and treats allergic conditions
allergyhypersensitivity to a substance
amblyopiareduced vision in one eye caused by disease or misuse
anaphylaxisa life-threatening reaction to a previously encountered antigen
anastomosissurgical connection between two normally distinct structures
anemiareduction in the amount of red blood cells in the blood
antibioticdrug that targets microorganisms to kill or halt growth or replication
antibodysubstance produced by lymphocytes that inactivates or destroys antigens
anticoagulantagent that slows down the clotting process
antigena substance that triggers an immune response when introduced into the body
arterial blood gasestest performed on arterial blood to determine levels of O2, CO2 ,and other gases
ascitesabnormal collection of fluid in the peritoneal cavity
asphyxiadeprivation of oxygen for tissue use; suffocation
aspirateto withdraw fluid or to suction or to draw foreign material into respiratory tract
asthmarespiratory disease characterized by bronchospasms causing paroxysms of shortness of breath
astigmatismdefective curvature of the refractive surface of the eye
atelectasiscollapsed lung or portions of a lung
auscultationact of listening to body sounds with a stethoscope
autoimmune diseasedisease caused by the body's inability to distinguish its own cells from foreign bodies, thus producing antibodies that attack its own tissue
bariatric surgerysurgical reduction of gastric capacity to treat morbid obesity
barium enemaseries of x-ray images taken of the large intestine after a barium enema has been administered
blood dyscrasiaabnormal or pathologic condition of the blood
bone marrow biopsyprocedure to obtain a sample of bone marrow usually from the ilium for study
bone marrow transplantinfusion of healthy bone marrow cells to a recipient with matching cells from a donor
bronchoconstrictoragent causing narrowing of the bronchi
bronchodilatoragent causing the bronchi to widen
capsule endoscopyvisual examination of a hollow organ with the use of a capsule that is swallowed
cataractclouding of the lens of the eye
celiac diseaseautoimmune disease of malabsorption caused by an immune reaction to gluten which may damage the lining of the small intestine
chalazionobstruction of an oil gland of the eyelid; also called meibomian cyst
chest computed tomographycomputerized radiographic images of the chest performed to diagnose tumors, abscesses and pleural effusion
chest radiographa radiographic image of the chest used to evaluate the lungs and the heart
cholesteatomaabnormal noncancerous skin cyst that grows inside the ear and mastoid bone
chronic obstructive pulmonary diseaseprogressive lung disease that restricts air flow
cirrhosischronic disease of liver with gradual destruction of cells
cochlear implantSurgically implanted electronic device that provides a sense of sound to one who is profoundly deaf
complete blood countbasic blood screening including RBC, hemoglobin, hematocrit, rbc morphology, WBC, differential and thrombocytes
corneal abrasionscrape on the cornea
Crohn diseasechronic inflammation of the intestinal tract usually affecting the ileum and colon
croupInflammation of the larynx, trachea and bronchi causing a barking cough
cystic fibrosishereditary disorder of the exocrine glands characterized by excess mucus production in the respiratory tract, pancreatic deficiency and other symptoms
deglutitionact of swallowing
deviated septumone part of the nasal cavity is smaller because of malformation or injury of the nasal septum
differential counta blood test to determine the amount of the different types of white blood cells (neutrophils, basophils, eosinophils, lymphocytes and monocytes)
duodenal ulcerulcer in the duodenum
dysenterydisorder of inflammation of intestine associated with diarrhea & abdominal pain
emesisexpelling matter from the stomach through the mouth
emmetropianormal refractive condition of the eye
emphysemacondition of alveoli being damaged and enlarged causing shortness of breath
empyemacollection of pus between pleural layers
endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatographyradiographic examination of biliary duct and pancreatic ducts with contrast media using an endoscope
endoscopic ultrasoundprocedure using an endoscope fitted with an ultrasound probe that provides images of layers of intestinal wall
enemaintroduction of fluids/medications into rectum and large intestine
enucleationsurgical removal of a body part in whole, like an eyeball
erythrocyte sedimentation ratea blood test for inflammatory activity in the body
esotropiaturning the eye inward toward the nose
exotropiaturning the eye outward away from the nose
expectorantdrug that breaks up mucus and promotes coughing to remove it
extravasationescape of blood from the blood vessel into the tissue
fecal occult blood testa test to detect occult blood in feces. It is used to screen for colon cancer or polyps.
feceswaste from the digestive tract expelled thru the rectum
flatusgas in digestive tract or expelled through the anus
fluorescein angiographyradiographic imaging of blood vessels
gastric lavagewashing out of the stomach
gastric ulcerulcer in the stomach
gastroesophageal reflux diseaseabnormal backward flow of stomach contents into esophagus
gavageprocess of feeding a person thru a nasogastric tube
glaucomaabnormally increased intraocular tension
hematocheziapassage of blood feces
hematocritblood test to measure the volume of erythrocytes
hematomaswelling caused by an accumulation of clotted blood in the tissue
hemoglobinblood test used to determine the concentration of oxygen carrying components
hemoptysisspitting up blood
hemorrhagerapid flow of blood
hemorrhoidvaricose vein in the rectal area, which may be internal or external
hemorrhoidectomyexcision of hemorrhoids, the varicose veins in the rectal region
hemostasisstoppage of bleeding
hemostaticpertaining to stoppage of bleeding
hordeoluminfection of the oil gland of the eyelid (sty)
hypercholesterolemiaexcessive amount of cholesterol in the blood; associated with heightened risk of CV disease
hyperlipidemiaexcessive amount of fats in the blood
hypertriglyceridemiaexcessive amount of triglycerides in the blood
hyperventilationventilation of lungs beyond normal body needs
hyphemahemorrhage within the anterior chamber of the eye
hypoventilationventilation of lungs, which doesn't fulfill the body's gas exchange needs
ileusbowel obstruction caused by failure of peristalsis
immunebeing resistant to specific invading pathogens
immunitystate of being protected
immunizationadministration of an agent to provide immunity
immunodeficiencydeficient immune response caused by the immune system dysfunction brought on by disease
incentive spirometrya device that measures breathing volumes to encourage patients to breathe deeply
infectious mononucleosisacute infection caused by the Epstein-Barr virus characterized by swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, fatigue and fever.
influenzahighly infectious respiratory disease caused by a virus (flu)
intraocular lensan artificial lens implanted within the eye during cataract surgery
intubationinsertion of a tube into a hollow organ such as the trachea
intussusceptionbowel obstruction of telescoping of a segment of the intestine
irritable bowel syndromeperiodic disturbances of bowel function, such as diarrhea and/or constipation
jaundiceyellowing of skin due to excess bilirubin
LASIK (laser-assisted in situ keratomileusis)laser procedure that reshapes the corneal tissue
leukemiamalignant disease characterized by excessive increase in abnormal leukocytes formed in the bone marrow
lipid profileblood test used to measure the amount and type of lipids in a sample of blood
lipidsfats and fatlike substances that serve as a source of fuel in the body
lymphedematissue swelling due to lymphatic obstruction
macular degenerationprogressive deterioration of the portion of the retina
malabsorptionimpaired digestion or intestinal absorption of nutrients
melenablack, tarry stool that contains digested blood; usually a result of bleeding the upper GI tract
Meniere’s diseasechronic disease of the inner ear characterized by a sensation of vertigo, tinnitus, aural fullness and fluctuating hearing loss
mioticagent that constricts the pupil
mucopurulentcontaining both mucus and pus
mucusslimy fluid secreted by the mucous membranes
mydriaticagent that dilates the pupil
nauseaurge to vomit
nebulizerdevice that creates a fine spray (used for giving respiratory treatment)
nosocomial infectionan infection acquired during hospitalizations
nyctalopiapoor vision at night or in faint light
nystagmusinvoluntary, jerking movements of the eyes
obesityexcess of body fat (not body weight)
obstructive sleep apnearepetitive pharyngeal collapse during sleep which leads to absence of breathing
opticianone who is skilled in filling prescriptions for lenses
optometrista health professional who prescribes corrective lenses & or eye exercises
optometrymeasurement of visual acuity and the prescribing of corrective lenses
otitis externainflammation of the outer ear
otitis internainternal ear infection
otitis mediatympanitis - inflammation of the middle ear
paroxysmperiodic, sudden attack
patentopen (an airway must be patent)
peak flow metera portable instrument used to measure how much air is quickly exhaled
peptic ulceranother name for gastric or duodenal ulcer
percussionact of tapping of a body surface with the fingers to determine the density of the part beneath by the sound obtained
peristalsiswavelike movements of intestines
peritoneummembranes which covers abdominal organs and line the abdomen
pertussishighly contagious bacterial infection of the respiratory tract characterized by fits of coughing [whooping cough]
phacoemulsificationmethod to remove cataracts in which an ultrasound needle probe breaks up the lens, then aspirated
phagocytosisprocess in which some of the white blood cells destroy the invading microorganism and old cells
pingueculayellowish mass on the conjunctiva that may be related to exposure to UV light, dry climates and dust; can spread to cornea and become pterygium
pleural effusionfluid in the pleural space
polyptumor like growth extending outward from a mucous membrane
polysomnographyprocess of recording many (tests) during sleep
PPD (purified protein derivative) skin testtest performed on individuals who have recently been exposed to tuberculosis.
PRK (photorefractive keratectomy)procedure for the treatment of nearsightedness in which an Excimer laser is used to reshape (flatten) the cornea
prothrombin timeblood test that measure how long it takes blood to clot; can be used to determine effectiveness of anticoagulant medication
pterygiumthin tissue growing into the cornea from the conjunctiva, usually from sun exposure
pulmonary edemafluid accumulation in the alveoli and bronchioles
pulmonary embolismmoving blood clot blocking the pulmonary artery and its branches
pulmonary function testsgroup of tests performed to measure breathing capacity and used to determine external respiratory function
pulmonary neoplasmtumor in the lung
pulse oximetrya noninvasive method of monitoring arterial blood for O2 levels
purulentcontaining pus
refluxreturn of flow
retinal detachmentseparation of the retina in back of the eye
retinal photocoagulationintense beam of light from a laser condenses retinal tissue to seal leaking blood vessels
retinitis pigmentosahereditary, progressive disease marked by night blindness with atrophy and retinal pigment changes
scleral bucklingprocedure to repair a detached retina
sepsissystemic infection;
septicpertaining to systemic infection
Snellen charttest for acuity of distant vision
sputummucous secretions from the lungs, bronchi & trachea expelled thru mouth
sputum culture and sensitivitytest performed on sputum to determine the presence of pathogenic bacteria
stomasurgical opening between an organ and the surface of the body
strabismusabnormal condition of squint or crossed eyes by not meeting
strabotomyincision into eye muscle to correct strabismus
styinfection of the oil gland of the eyelid (hordeolum)
tinnitusringing in the ears
toxemiapresence of toxins in the blood
toxicitystate of being poisonous
toxinpoison formed by a cell or organism
trabeculectomysurgical creation of an opening that allows aqueous humor to drain out of the eye to treat glaucoma
tuberculosisInfectious bacterial disease characterized by the growth of nodules (tubercles) in the lung
ulcerative colitisinflammation of the colon with the formation of ulcers athat produces bloody diarrhea
upper GI seriesseries x-ray films-of the stomach & duodenum after barium swallow
upper respiratory infectioninfection of the nasal cavity, throat, or voice box
vaccinesuspension of inactivated microorganisms administered by injection, mouth, or nasal spray to prevent infectious diseases by inducing immunity
ventilationmovement of gases into and out of the lungs
ventilatormechanical device used to assist with or substitute for breathing
visual acuitytesting sharpness of vision for either distance or nearness (usually using a Snellen chart)
vitrectomysurgical removal of all or part of vitreous humor ; used to treat diabetic retinopathy
volvulusbowel obstruction of twisting or kinking of the intestine
vomitingmatter expelled from the stomach thru the mouth (same as emesis)

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