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Match the definition with the correct word.

Secondary GainThe exemption from normal obligations and the gaining of other privileges commonly accorded to the sick
Conditional legitimacywhere deviants are temporarily exempted from normal obligations and gain some extra privileges on the proviso that they seek help to rid themselves of their deviance.
Unconditional legitimacydeviants are exempted permanently from normal obligations and are granted additional privileges in view of the hopeless nature of their deviance.
Illegitimacydeviants are exempted from some normal obligations by virtue of their deviance, for which they are technically not responsible, but gain few if any privileges and take on handicaps such as stigma.
Stigmaan attribute that is deeply discrediting
Physician-patient interactionsactivity-passivity, guidance-cooperation, mutual participation
Internet MedicineBecome a major source of medical information for many people.
CloningMaking a precise genetic copy of a molecule, cell, plant or animal.
Therapeutic CloningCloning of human organs for transplantation in sick people.
Reproductive CloningThe cloning of people themselves.
MedicalizationOccurs when non-medical problems are defined as problems that need to be treated medically, usually as an illness or disorder of some type.
PharmaceuticalizationThe growth of drug markets internationally through large advertising to physicians and the public.
Labeling Theoryconcept that what is regarded as deviant behavior by one person or social group may not be so regarded other persons or social groups.
Susan Sontagwrote book "Illness as Metaphor"
Patient ComplianceWhen a patient follows medications, diet and exercise as directed.

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