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Histogram Terms

Terms used when graphing a histogram.

RangeThe difference between the largest number and the smallest number
MedianThe middle number when the numbers are ordered from least to greatest
MeanAdd up the numbers and divide by how many numbers you have
Bell CurveThe peak is in the middle, the shape is a bell and if divided in half, the two halves are similar
Skewed LeftThe tail of the graph is on the left
Skewed RightThe tail of the graph is on the right
HistogramA bar graph with wide bars with are touching and have a range of numbers on the x axis and frequency on the y axis
Bar graphHave skinny thin bars with space in between and a subject under each bar
OutlierA number much larger or much smaller than all the other numbers
GapA space (with no values) between bar graphs
Three measures of central tendencyMean, medium and mode

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