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Constitution Vocabulary

The legal authority of a court to be the first to hear a caseOriginal jurisdiction
Perhaps, the most important legislation passed by the Confederation government; it defined the new territory that became Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin and MichiganNorthwest Ordinance
The right of the Supreme Court to look at laws passed by Congress or states and declare them unconstitutionalJudicial review
When the court orders that authorities have to show cause for a prisoner's detentionWrit of habeas corpus
An act of legislation inflicting punishment without a trialBill of attainder
The system of government where power is devided between the national and state governmentsFederalism
A law that makes an act a crime that was not a crime when committedEx post facto law
Powers shared by the national and state governmentsConcurrent
Powers assigned to the national governmentEnumerated
Powers assigned to the statesReserved
When a president refuses to sign a billVeto
Compromise which determined how slaves would be counted for representationThree fifths
Fraction by which the Senate must convict an impeached officialTwo thirds
Fraction by which both houses of Congress must vote for a proposed amendmentTwo thirds
Fraction of states which must approve a proposed amendmentThree fourths
Compromise that settled the question of representation in CongressGreat or Connecticut
The legal authority of a court to hear appeals from a lower courtAppellate
Allocating legislative seatsApportionment
Group that casts the official votes for president after a presidential electionElectoral College
Charging a public official with a crime in office for which they can be removed from powerImpeachment
Clause that says that the Constitution, laws passed by Congress, and treaties of the US shall be binding upon the statesSupremacy
Clause that states that Congress has the power to pass laws to carry out its powersNecessary or Proper Clause
Nickname for the "Necessary and Proper" ClauseSupremacy

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