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The Five Themes of Geography

Absolute location”Street Address or coordinates”
Relative location”where something is in relation to other places (NSEW)”
Parallels”lines of latitude”
Meridians”lines of longitude”
Equator”0’ major line of latitude that separates the Northern and Southern hemispheres”
Tropic of Cancer”line of latitude above the equator”
Tropic of Capricorn”line of latitude below the equator”
Arctic Circle”line of latitude near the North pole”
Antarctic Circle”line of latitude near the South pole”
Hemispheres”the earth is divided into 4 hemispheres NSEW”
Prime Meridian”0’major line of longitude that separates the Eastern and Western hemispheres”
Relative location of USA”North of Mexico
Place Geography”describes the site or place”
Human Characterisitics”describes what the people who live there are like”
Physical Characteristics” landforms and bodies of water”
Human Environment Interaction”how people change their environment”
Consequences”important to consider before altering your environment”
Region”an area grouped together because of (at least one) common characteristics”

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